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Sound + Vibration Massage
Sound + Vibration Massage
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IF YOU RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOW YOU FEEL WHEN STANDING BAREFOOT IN A FIELD OF GRASS AND WHEN WALKING ON CONCRETE AND ASPHALT, you will recognize the healing resonances used in Kyra Saulnier’s Sound + Vibration Massage sessions.

Kyra has been working over 10 years using a unique Japanese audio device that filters and enhances harmonic frequencies that reproduce those emitted from the core of the earth. Blended with music from Japanese Zen composer and sound engineer Keiichirou Kita, The penetrating resonances are massaged into the body with gentle pressure to re-integrate vital energy points in the nervous system and produce sustained theta brain waves.

When vital energy points are harmonized and theta waves are produced, the mind chatter stops and the brain is free to do the work of healing the body.

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BACK SESSION - $75 in Pomona / $95 in Manhattan
45 minutes
This session involves applying Healing Sound & Vibration to highly sensitive areas of the entire spine from the cranium to the sacrum and down the back body to the soles of the feet. The shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, thighs, calves, Achilles tendons and feet are all covered. The Back Session is designed to calm, refresh and rejuvenate the physical body and mind.

FOOT SESSION - $60 in Pomona / $80 in Manhattan
35 minutes 
This session involves applying Healing Vibration to pressure points on the lower legs (knees, calves, shins), Achilles tendons, tops of the feet, and soles of the feet. The Foot Session revives tired legs and can also reduce mental fatigue, eye strain and headaches.

SESSION - $95 in Pomona / $110 in Manhattan
70 minutes
This session Session is the ultimate body experience for stress relief and healing. The Whole Body combines the Back and Foot Sessions plus additional attention to the Face and Scalp.

$ varies
This session involves applying Healing Vibration to the cranium, shoulders, and upper back as well as to highly sensitive areas of the spine and lower back. The Shoulder Course is designed for group offerings such as health fairs and spa parties where space and time are limited. This session requires only a chair. Please call for details. 

Healing Vibration can be a very effective tool when used with complementary and alternative medical treatments. It's deeply relaxing effects will amplify the benefits of Massage, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and all other natural therapies.

Treatments such as the FOOT COURSE and the SHOULDER & BACK COURSE can be used while patients remain in bed at hospitals, hospices, and senior citizen care facilities to improve patient's circulation and digestion, prevent bed sores and activate the body's natural self-healing system.

Sound Healing is also available at your home or office for an additional charge. 
Please call for details.