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Here is what our customers are saying...

"I made a bid for an Ayurvedic Face and Body Rejuvenation item that had been donated to our school fund raiser auction.



As I walked to the given address, I kept asking myself, exactly what I was walking into. What in the world is an Ayurvedic massage? My limited experience dredged up that it had to do with a practice from India, and that's as far as I got before  I walked into this peaceful atmosphere where I was met by a serene lady and immediately felt at ease. Nothing painful could possibly happen with such a person, in such a place.


I didn't have to undress! That was a relieve. There was no pouding or kneading; no holding of breath as tension is kneaded out of the muscles.


What I felt were the gentlest of touches; from specific areas of my face all the way to my toes. I may have asked myself how on earth I was supposed to get relieve from my overtired body from touches I barely felt, for moment or so, before I was lost in absolute peace, my body and soul seeming to have found themselves in harmony for the first time since forever.


I made a solemn promise to myself, to treat myself to an Ayurvedic Face and Body Rejuventation every once in a while, for that's exactly how I felt, rejuvenated."
Gikeno M., Elementary School Teacher, NYC


"I just got back to NJ and I am still glowing. I think I look like a little girl (wow rejuvenation!!!!!!) Thanks so much, that was a treat."
Sarah Tomlinson, yoga instructor, NJ/NYC

Kyra was recommended to me by a friend at work and truth to tell I was (as a guy) a little leery of going to a "spa" setting - but she sees customers at her very cool private setting on Grand Street two blocks from Chinatown.  Now I go regularly. I love to get a facial with her before a hot date - or a business meeting. Makes me feel really fresh and sharp and somehow more confident. It's great to do something special for myself - to give me that little extra edge when meeting new people.

Kill D., Musician, New York


"kyra, what a great way to relax. Perfect.....the massage under the eyes was superb. My face feels new you made my week. Wanted to thank you and say I was in no condition to be anywhere but horizontal. I felt all kinds of good stuff happening've got it, the special healing ingredient.

Magdalen Pierrakos, Artist, NYC



"We received the reports and checked in with stores, they really liked your demos, A LOT, our compliments!"
Ulrike Jacob, Marketing Director, Lavera USA

"I was feeling a little bit......grungy. I neeeded to change my 'regimine' & get professional advice. ... I neeeded a spring cleaning & I was recommended by a friend to see Kyra (now) at Glow Skin Spa. .....this was 3 years ago mind you..... by working with her, I have seen radical changes in my skin..... Im getting OLder (35) but my skin is getting younger! I follow her advice & I recieve results! Im 20 again!.... well ok 27.... One of the perks,is they offer the latest in facial technology, ... when recommended.... and Kyra has such a gentle touch, way of communicating, & relaxing me 100%. I often wish I could nap for an extra 20 min after my treatments. ....alas, back out to the real world I must go. ...Grungeing up my freshly beautified pores."
Shannon Arell, hair stylist, NYC

"I'm so excited to say that I'm impressed with Kyra. I had a facial with Kyra a couple of weeks ago and I'm still glowing. She is gentle but effective and any question I threw at her, she answered with care and integrity. She told me my skin was normal, but sensitive with blackheads in the T -Zone and she took the time to extract them carefully and diligently. I've never had a facial like this before. She obviously cares about her work and is passionate about her profession. Thanks Kyra and I look forward to seeing you in November. I'm hooked! Oh, and thanks for reccommendation of the sensitive skin cleanser, I love it."
Lindsey M., attorney, NYC

"Finally!  My coworker's girlfriend was kind enough to pass along Kyra's name to me. I had a great experience. I often go into a facial and leave it to the specialist to recommend the treatment for me. The first time she chose the glycolic facial and it was great and I left feeling refreshed. I have been trying out various spas for a while now and with my combination skin and the constant travel it has been hard to locate the right products for me. Kyra was great. After my second facial my skin felt great again after the facial and the products she recommended have been perfect. I have gone through many trial regiments before and told her I wanted it to be a simple regiment. I took her recommendation and I have been very pleased with the results."
Philippians, marketing/promotions, NYC

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